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Welcome Back Sandtown Family!!

It’s been a WHOLE 2 years…soooo much has changed…but the one constant we’ve had is our community!! We have truly missed all of you!!

So…with that, we want to work our way back to baseball thriving in our backyard! Are you all ready? We’ve heard you are, so we are coming back with registration opening on Friday, February 10th through March 10th, 2023.

Now, remember…we’ve been gone for some time, so it’s going to take some energy and good vibes to get everyone in the baseball spirit. Our community has never let us down and we know you’ll come through again. To make this season the best ever, we are going to need all the help we can get. Let’s be ready to jump in and take ownership for our kids experiences!

We are always looking for volunteers to help with coaching, so if you are interested, please email us at for more details OR FILL OUT this form. Don’t worry…if you don’t volunteer and we need you…we will find you!!

For more information/details about the baseball program at Sandtown, please reach out to:

SYSA President
Coach Alan Kelly

Welcome back home family!!


2022 Sandtown Cheerleading

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Ready for Sandtown Cheerleading? Check us out at!

Practices anticipated to begin as early as June 13th 2022

May 1 – June 30 2022

Interested in Coaching? Click here to complete a Coaching Application. We are looking for some GREAT volunteers!

Already a coach? Be sure to use this link to have your background check processed at no additional cost to you!

For more information/details about the football program at Sandtown, please reach out to:

Football Director / Commissioner
Coach Alan Kelly

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2022 Sandtown Cheerleading

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Interested in being a Sandtown Cheerleader?!?

Go to for more information OR

Reach out to our Cheer Director, Jasmine Phillips at / 404-242-8266

The Sandtown Youth Sports Association (SYSA) exists to provide multiple opportunities for youth in our Sandtown community. SYSA enhances exposure for youth through Baseball, Football & Cheerleading. We would like to thank you for visiting.

The Sandtown Youth Sports Association is a completely volunteer organization and we will need your assistance throughout the year. We have committees, each headed by a board member, or appointee for various activities during each sport’s season. We challenge you to GET INVOLVED! Our success will be determined by your involvement.

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